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Nature of Business

Nature of Business
9 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2020
Nature of Business  
Nature of Business

1.   Nature of Business

iBio is a biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (“CDMO”) and biotechnology company. iBio’s deploys its proprietary FastPharmingTM Expression System to provide development and manufacturing services to clients, collaborators and third-party customers as well as for use in the development of its own product candidates. The FastPharming System combines vertical farming of the Nicotiana benthamiana plant, automated hydroponics, transient transfection and glycan engineering technologies to rapidly deliver gram quantities of high-quality monoclonal antibodies, virus-like particle (“VLP”) and subunit vaccines, bioinks and other proteins. The FastPharming System offers several advantages versus traditional expression systems including:


Speed: Shorter time-to-clinic with clinical-scale production in weeks versus months


Cost-Effectiveness: No expensive, labor-intensive, and costly mammalian cell line development


Quality: Consistently high performing recombinant proteins from batch-to-batch and enhanced potency for some products with powerful glycosylation controls


Scalable: Each N. benthamiana plant is its own bioreactor, so scale-up issues are avoided by simply growing more plants


Safe: Favorable safety profile due to the avoidance of animal-origin raw materials in the production process, and the inability of mammalian viruses to replicate in plants

iBio’s development and manufacturing services include:


Process Development

Feasibility assessment and development of manufacturing processes using FastPharming Technology for optimized gene-expression, glycosylation, and purification parameters to meet client specifications for their active pharmaceutical ingredients (“APIs”).




Biologics production using the FastPharming System to deliver custom biologics for clinical trials.



Fill / Finish

Aseptic vial and bottle filling and finishing services with in-line labelling that provides serialization capability for greater quality assurance.



Method development and validation with expertise in protein characterization using mass spectrometry.



Factory Solutions

Design and consulting services for the establishment of a client’s own environmentally-friendly FastPharmingTM facility, complete with technology transfer and licenses.


iBio was established as a public company in August 2008 as the result of a spinoff from Integrated BioPharma, Inc. and operates in two business segments. iBio’s wholly-owned and majority-owned subsidiaries (the “Company”) are as follows:

iBio CDMO LLC (“iBio CDMO”) (originally named iBio CMO LLC) – iBio CDMO is a Delaware limited liability company formed on December 16, 2015 as iBio CMO, LLC to develop and manufacture plant-made pharmaceuticals and provide related services to clients. Effective July 1, 2017, iBio CMO changed its name to iBio CDMO. As of December 31, 2015, the Company owned 100% of iBio CDMO. On January 13, 2016, the Company entered into a contract manufacturing joint venture with an affiliate of Eastern Capital Limited (“Eastern”), a stockholder of the Company (the “Eastern Affiliate”). The Eastern Affiliate contributed $15 million in cash for a 30% interest in iBio CDMO. The Company retained a 70% interest in iBio CDMO and contributed a royalty-bearing license which grants iBio CDMO a non-exclusive license to use the Company’s proprietary technologies for research purposes and an exclusive U.S. license for manufacturing purposes. The Company retained the exclusive right to grant product licenses to those who wish to sell or distribute products made using the Company’s technologies.

On February 23, 2017, the Company entered into an exchange agreement with the Eastern Affiliate, pursuant to which the Company acquired substantially all of the interest in iBio CDMO held by the Eastern Affiliate in exchange for one share of the Company’s iBio CMO Preferred Tracking Stock, par value $0.001 per share (the “Preferred Tracking Stock”). After giving effect to the transaction, the Company owns 99.99% of iBio CDMO. See Note 11 for a further discussion.

iBio CDMO’s operations take place in Bryan, Texas in a facility controlled by another affiliate of Eastern (the “Second Eastern Affiliate”) as sublandlord. The facility is a 130,000‑square foot Class A life sciences building located on land owned by the Texas A&M system, designed and equipped for plant-made manufacture of biopharmaceuticals. The Second Eastern Affiliate granted iBio CDMO a 34‑year lease (the "Sublease") for the facility as well as certain equipment (see Note 10 - Finance Lease Obligation). iBio CDMO commenced commercial operations in January 2016. iBio CDMO operates on the basis of three parallel lines of business: (1) Development and manufacturing of third-party products; (2) Development and production of iBio’s proprietary products; and (3) Commercial technology transfer services including facility design, as needed.

iBIO DO BRASIL BIOFARMACÊUTICA LTDA (“iBio Brazil”) – iBio Brazil is a subsidiary organized in Brazil in which the Company has a 99% interest. iBio Brazil was formed to manage and expand the Company’s business activities in Brazil. The activities of iBio Brazil are intended to include coordination and expansion of the Company’s existing relationship with Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz/Fiocruz (“Fiocruz”) beyond the Yellow Fever Vaccine program (see Note 8 - Significant Vendors) and development of additional products with private sector participants for the Brazilian market. iBio Brazil commenced operations during the first quarter of the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015.


iBio Manufacturing LLC (“iBio Manufacturing”) – iBio Manufacturing, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is a Delaware limited liability company formed in November 2015. iBio Manufacturing has not commenced any activities to date.