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3 iBio: A Biopharmaceutical Discovery & Development Company Proprietary Pipeline FastPharming® Manufacturing Platform Proprietary plant-based protein expression system Focused on Immuno-Oncology Patented AI-Driven Discovery Engine Identification and engineering of hard-to-target epitopes GlycaneeringSM Technology Advanced recombinant protein engineering Development & Manufacturing Services Delivering speed, scalability, and sustainability




5 Unique Solutions for Some of the Industry’s Biggest Problems Biopharmaceutical Development Challenges Our Solutions 1 2 3 SO L U T I O N S Discovery Engine Program Failures Time / Cost Biomanufacturing Only ~5 in 5,000 drug concepts reach the >1 year & ~$3-7M for scalable bioprocess & Drug industry is 55% more emissions intensive GlycaneeringTM clinic Ph1 material1 than the auto industry2 Dev/Mfg Services 1iiBio estimates; 2Belkhir, L., et. al. (2018) “Carbon footprint of the global pharmaceutical industry and relative impact of its major players”. J Cleaner Production 214:185-194


6 RubrYc AI-Powered Discovery Target" Binding Sites Engine: Drug Discovery for ”Hard-to-The Problems Our Solutions RubrYc® Discovery Engine* Subdominant Epitopes Sites often missed with standard screening Conformational Epitopes Binding sites spread across amino acid chains Better Antibody Designs à Fewer Failures *Patent Pending COOH Antibody Design for Subdominant or Conformational Epitopes


7 End-to-End Computational Biology System for Enhanced Identification & Engineering of Large-Molecule Drug Candidates Engineered Epitope Optimize with StableHuTM AI Engine Human Optimized mAb Lead Pool Epitope Antibody Hits On-Epitope Clinical Candidate Targeting Engine RubrYcHuTM Library 1 2 3 Epitope-specific mAb panels are rapidly processed through screening funnels 4 AI-powered sequence optimization to improve performance 5 AI-generated human Optimized Leads are evaluated and ranked in translational disease models AI-powered precision library, free of sequence liabilities, provides a targeting of confirmational & sub-dominant epitopes unique pool of mAbs


8 FastPharming: Green Protein Expression System 1 130,000 sf Facility 2 3 4 5 Seeding & Growth Bacterial Infiltration (Transient Transfection) Protein Production Harvesting Purification & Vialing Gene Cloning Mobilization


9 The Speed & Scalability of FastPharming Potentially Enables a Faster, More Efficient Path to the Clinic (Bacterial) ubstance brings the capability to avoid the significant cost and time associated with selecting, developing & banking mammalian cell lines Time to Drug Substance may vary and does not include product-specific process and assay development work. Mammalian cell culture timelines shown are for illustrative purposes only based upon competitive data from publicly available sources. Actual timelines may vary. Master Cell Bank Drug S Manu facture Master Cell Bank (Mammalian) Drug Substance Manufacture mo n t h s mo n t h s Candidate Generation


10 iBio Platforms Potentially Enable More Promising Candidates to Reach the Clinic, Faster RubrYc Discovery Engine + Current Drug Development Challenge + GlycaneeringTM Technology ycan ~4x 40 year s 0 Standard 1https://www.researchgate.net/publication/265288848_The_Global_Biomedical_Industry_Preserving_US_Leadership CD M O SER V ICES ADCC ACTIVITY (%) [1.6ng/ml] Increased Potency with Glycaneering Industry Benchmarks to Reach IND1 Success RateTimeCost <5 in 5,000>3 Years>$20M 80 Gl eered Rituximab ~5,000 – 10,000250 COMPOUNDS DRUG DISCOVERY PRECLINICAL CLINICAL TRIAL


11 Reducing Single-Use Plastic Disposables in Upstream Processing The FastPharming Bioreactor uses all-natural raw materials >85% of pre-commercial bioprocesses involve VS single-use plastic disposables1 Seeds Stone Wool Purified Water 117th Annual Report and Summary of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Capacity and Production https://www.biopharma.com/TRENDS.pdf


12 Pipeline Growth Driven by Immuno-Oncology Program Fibrotic Diseases IBIO-100 * Developed using the RubrYc Discovery Engine ANIMAL HEALTHPROGRAMSPOCPRE-CLINICALCLINICAL DEVPRODUCT REGISTRATION Infectious DiseaseIBIO-400Classical Swine Fever Vaccine HUMAN HEALTHPROGRAMSEARLY DISCOVERYLATE DISCOVERYLEAD OPTIMIZATIONIND-ENABLINGCLINICAL IBIO-101 Solid Tumors RTX– 003 Endostatin E4Solid Tumors Target 3Immuno-Oncology Target 4Immuno-Oncology OncologyTarget 5Immuno-Oncology Target 6 Immuno-Oncology* Target 7 Immuno-Oncology* Target 8 Immuno-Oncology* Target 9 Immuno-Oncology* AutoimmunePD-1Autoimmune Diseases* Systemic Scleroderma Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis




14 Deploying AI-based Target ID/Engineering & Glycaneering to Create More, Higher-Quality, Anti-Cancer Candidates iBio Discovery & Pipeline More shots-on-goal, 1 Dev Approach sooner AI Discovery Platform Drug Discovery Clinical Preclinical Identifying failures 2 earlier, saving costs Accelerating development 3 1 2 3 timelines Glycaneering Technology As programs advance, additional opportunities to partner molecules and supply with FastPharming Services THE R A P E U TI C S


15 IBIO-101 (Lead Depletion Program) Stimulates Anti-tumor Immunity via anti-CD25 Treg IBIO-101 IL-2 signaling Natural Killer Cell IL-2 ADCC Teff Tumor JAK JAK JAK JAK Proliferation Treg Preferential Treg depletion 2nd gen IL-2 sparing anti-CD25 antibody electively targets Tregs without blocking IL-2 signaling to Teffs Positive IBIO-101/RTX-003 preclinical data are consistent with results from one other non-IL2 blocking anti-CD25 antibody that is now in a Phase I clinical trial1 1Data on file Treg = Regulatory T Cells; Teff = Effector T Cells; ADCC = Antibody Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity THE R A P E U TI C S


16 Characteristics of Plant and CHO Made Molecules are Comparable IBIO-101 demonstrates equivalent binding kinetics compared with RTX-003 Phan, et al. "Plant-Based Expression and Glyco-Engineering of Novel IL-2 Signaling Permissive Anti-CD25 Antibodies for Effective Treg Depletion in Cancer” THE R A P E U TI C S RTX-003 WT4.71E+051.92E-034.100.37 RTX-003 afuc4.99E+051.91E-033.91.03 IBIO-101 WT4.85E+051.96E-034.200.69 IBIO-101 afuc4.92E+052.07E-034.271.27 IBIO-101, Plant afucosylated RTX-003, CHO afucosylated AF U C O S Y L AT E D CH O M A DE M O L E CU L E +GlycaneeringTM IBIO-101, Plant WT RTX-003, CHO WT CH O M A DE M O L E CU L E


17 FastPharming and CHO Produced Molecules Bind Potently to CD25, Which is Commonly Expressed by Treg Cells IBIO-101 and RTX-003 show nearly identical binding to recombinant human and non-human primate CD25, but don’t cross react with recombinant mouse CD25 protein Phan, et al. "Plant-Based Expression and Glyco-Engineering of Novel IL-2 Signaling Permissive Anti-CD25 Antibodies for Effective Treg Depletion in Cancer” THE R A P E U TI C S RTX-003 EC50 = 15.7 ng/mL Human CD25 IBIO-101 EC50 = 16.9 ng/mL Non-human Primate CD25 IBIO-101 EC50 = 41.2 ng/mL RTX-003 EC50 = 43.8 ng/mL Mouse CD25 IBIO-101 RTX-003


18 FastPharming and CHO Produced Molecules Bind to CD25-Positive Human Tumor Cells; and Don't Interfere with Important IL-2 Signaling RTX-003 EC = 0.14 ng/mL IBIO-101 and RTX-003 bind to SUDHL1 human lymphoma cells and don’t interfere with IL-2 stimulated STAT5 activation Phan, et al. "Plant-Based Expression and Glyco-Engineering of Novel IL-2 Signaling Permissive Anti-CD25 Antibodies for Effective Treg Depletion in Cancer” THE R A P E U TI C S (STAT5 activation in IL-2R overexpressing cell line) IBIO-101 EC = 0.14 ng/mL IL-2 Signaling IL2 EC50 = 0.11 ng/mL 50 50 SUDHL1 Cells (CD25-positive cancer cells) IBIO-101 EC50 = 178.8 ng/mL RTX-003 EC50 = 125.9 ng/mL


19 FastPharming and CHO Produced Molecules Have Similar Potency and Efficacy in Cancer Cell Killing Assays Efficacy and potency of IBIO-101 and RTX-003 are comparable in antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity assays using a reporter assay or primary human PBMC Phan, et al. "Plant-Based Expression and Glyco-Engineering of Novel IL-2 Signaling Permissive Anti-CD25 Antibodies for Effective Treg Depletion in Cancer” THE R A P E U TI C S RTX-003 EC50 = 7.2 ng/mL ADCC reporter assay IBIO-101 EC50 = 11.2 ng/mL ADCC human PBMC assay IBIO-101 EC50 = 1.57 ng/mL RTX-003 EC50 = 1.69 ng/mL


·I a"10 In Summary


21 Our Leadership Team Brings Drug Development & Bioprocessing Experience Marc Banjak GC Lisa Middlebrook CHRO Robert Lutz, MBA CFBO Martin Brenner, DVM, Ph.D. CSO Tom Isett CEO & Chairman


22 Strong and Growing IP Estate Provides Exclusivity for iBio’s Pipeline Applications Active Applications Issued Patents Patent Protection Includes: • • • • Intellectual property [IP] around iBio’s biopharmaceutical candidates IP related to the Drug Discovery platform (including Notice of Allowance from USPTO) IP related to the FastPharming Protein Expression System Elements of Glycaneering Service for advanced glycosylation controls in plants, including afucosylation for Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity [ADCC] Continuing to Aggressively Defend our IP • Settled iBio v. Fraunhofer USA for $28M in May 2021 10732More (25 U.S.)(9 U.S.)progressing to filing


23 iBio: Leveraging Capabilities Combing platforms to create a biotech company with its own end-to-end discovery capabilities Pipeline of promising immunotherapy candidates, with a focus on immuno-oncology Discovery Pipeline Partnering Leveraging patented platforms for both in-licensing and out-licensing